That’s what drives us

Impulses become ideas
Ideas become stories
Stories become emotions
Emotions become something unexpected
That’s what drives us.


The kitchen – is where people come together, it´s where they meet interesting people and brainstorm new ideas. Kitchen TV sees itself as that room.

Kitchen TV produces film content that transports emotions, authenticity and human experiences. We believe that people want to experience and identify with personal stories that put normal people in focus and show realistic and authentic viewpoints on the world. That’s what we really want to achieve with our work and it´s what we try to do from our hearts.

We at Kitchen TV believe in the power of networking. In the production process we are assisted by our extensive network of highly creative professionals that bring with them years of experience and share our passion.


Kitchen TV film production was founded in 2010 by Thorsten Eichhorst and Tim Meier.

Kitchen TV produces film formats like corporate film, commercial film, documentary, Art House film and music video.


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